Pat Perrier
"... a way with words."


Ms. Pat Perrier edited my philosophy book, Attack on Truth and God, published by Upfront Publisher (England, 2007), the editor-in-chief wrote the following to me about the editing:

"Dr. Kayevich: This was the best manuscript I have read; I had nothing to change."

I have written four books, and several people assisted me with the editing. Among this group of professional editors, the best was Pat Perrier.

As my editor, Ms. Perrier was passionately devoted to the clarity of the text, the evenhandedness of the arguments, the flow of the language, and to grammatical rules...every kind of attention that a writer needs in order to have a perfect manuscript.

Ms. Perrier did things of this nature and similar matters with utmost punctuality. Honesty and devotion represent the nobility of Pat Perrier. I say this with joy.

Steven Kayevich, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics
Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois


Pat and I have worked together at Lewis and during friendly conversations with her I found out about Pat’s skills as a copy editor. At that time as a collaborative author I was in the process of writing two chapters for a Fire Service textbook, "Human Resources" and "Personal and Professional Development." I asked Pat to review my work. She did a great job preparing my writing for submission to the publisher.

I am happy to report the publisher was very impressed with my submission and that the text book Chief Officer Principles and Practice was recently published in 2012 by Jones & Bartlett Learning and the National Fire Protection Association. Her top notch skills were a big help in this endeavor. Pat’s professional and author oriented approach to editing would certainly be an advantage to any author.

Ken Folisi
Assistant Professor of Justice, Law, and Public Safety
Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois


When I decided to add narration to a slide show presentation created to attract new members to our organization, I realized I needed the voice of a professional. I contacted Pat Perrier and asked her to make the piece more inviting through her narration. Pat took on the challenge of completing this work, and delivered an outstanding product in a matter of days. I know her inspired and well timed narration generated interest in our message. I would highly recommend Pat’s voiceover work to anyone in need of these services.

Bonnie McElroy
Quality Solution Partners, LLC